My Kind of Miracles

I dare say that miracles don’t only come in grand facades. It can also come in small, unexpected forms.

To some people, miracles equals “the big stuff” – a parting ocean…a trembling mountain…a strong, strong wind.

That’s true.

But I believe miracles are also in simple daily living…

* Waking up in the morning, breathing well

* Smelling the fresh baked bread when passing by a bakery

* Listening to my nephew’s gibberish talk and giggles

* Thinking of this one person and suddenly they text me

* Going back to sleep 5 seconds after I woke up in the middle of the night

* Smiling sincerely on a bad day

* Laughing outloud after a terrible day

* Going up the stairs to the 3rd floor when doctors said I could not even step out of bed

Those are my kind of miracles.


[May 26, 2012]


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