❧ My Mother ❧

I wrote something about my Mum earlier this year and gave it to her as a belated Christmas present. She loved it. Thank God.

(This was totally spontaneous and pure from the heart, so please forgive me if it’s not Writers Guild Award worthy or such…)

“My Mother”

The beauty of her countenance cannot be surpassed

The smile on her face brings comfort

The touch of her hand assures all will be well

The sound of her voice soothes any aches

Her laughter makes you forget your troubles

Her tears will saddened you to the core

Her hugs makes you feel loved

Her singing gives you a glimpse of heavenly sound

And when she plays the piano

Oh how I could just melt into the songs

My favorite time of the day

Is when she sits and play

She may not be perfect as the world defines it

But to me she is more than mere perfection

Because she risked her life when she bore me

And she dedicated her time to raise me

Saying, “She is the best”

Will not do her any justice

While saying, “She is one of heaven’s best”

Still seems not enough

No words from every language in all the world combined can ever express how much I love her

How I appreciate what she has done and is still doing

How I thank God every single day

That He chose her to be my mother

I pray

That if one day I am a mother

My children will see me

The way I see her



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