Father’s Day

To honor my Dad on Father’s Day, I want to quote him on some things…

* ALWAYS ask God. Not just when in doubt – in all circumstances.

* Just do your BEST and God will do the REST.

* BE CONTENT with what God has given you.   → sometimes this one here went hand in hand with this one below: ←

* You DON’T always have to buy the things you want, only what you need.

* Don’t you have enough PURPLE things already? Oh, I guess not.

* I KNOW I look good. Don’t I? Oh I just know it.

* Hmmm…have you asked your Mum? Did she say OKAY?

* [On me wearing my Converse All Star] Wear them right, DON’T step on the backside of the shoes.

* What book have you READ today?

* Okay, the karaoke is on! SING with me, sweetie!

* What kind of DANCE is that?

* No matter how old you are, you will ALWAYS be my little girl.

* IRONING your clothes yourself is the best way to get it done perfectly.

* NEVER give up when it becomes hard. That’s the perfect time to press forward.

* You’re scared? Then FACE it head on.

* I will not answer you if you don’t SPEAK in English. [One of Dad’s ways to make me practice my English]

* A son is one to be proud of, but a DAUGHTER is one to love and protect.

* You are so PICKY. Where did you get that from? Oh, wait…me.

* Honey, even if you don’t like the person, ALWAYS say “thank you”. Politely. Not with the face and that tone.

* Can I see that SMILE now?

* How will you know if you never TRY?

* FINISH your vegetables…they’re good for your health.

* EAT your egg yolk. No? Okay. I will sit here and wait with you.

* I know you can STUDY overnight, but I still don’t like it.

* Any chance of your Mum and I not called to the principal’s office this week? Or you must FIGHT with those boys again?   → again, sometimes this one here went hand in hand with this one below: ←

* For the love of God, you are a girl. Girls run and tell the teacher when boys tease them, not PUNCH them in the face.

* MIND the [fish] hook! We don’t want to literally be “fishers of men”!

* Sweetheart, we DON’T own the pool. You can’t ban other kids from jumping in.

* MAKE SURE you get her back home at 10:00 pm sharp, young man. At 10:01 I will be “greeting” you personally and you won’t like it.

* [When watching TV together] COVER your eyes darlin’, kissing scene’s coming up. [Which I often replied with, “Dad, I’m 20-something now?”]

* Young lady, this is a golf cart, not Formula 1. DRIVE slowly or else you will be retrieving all those golf clubs from the ground. And that caddy.

* When in doubt, take time a while to think, and keep MOVING forward.

* DO your job from A to Z. Details are important. Do research. Go extra mileS, not mile.

* Under any circumstances, NEVER accept a bribe. EVER.

* When reading a contract and before signing anything, ALWAYS find and read the “Terms & Conditions Apply”.

* NEVER forget your team. Even though you’re the one they put in charge, you will need help. That’s why you should appreciate and acknowledge them.

…and his ever so famous line,

* Young lady, when I was your AGE— [Usually continued with a few stories of old…]



2 comments on “Father’s Day

  1. Navjot says:

    Hello Daniella!

    Thank You Sooo Much for posting this Amazingly Wonderful Blog post.

    Your dad was truly an Amazing Man & to read all these quotes of him, is enlightening. Every single word touched my heart and in-fact made me to realize how important it is to have a Father who is strong and Wise; A father who knows the true meaning of fatherhood and can shape his child to be the best human possible.

    Thank you once again for this post… You are a true friend to us, who has opened up doors to a vast ocean of wonderful thoughts by sharing about your wonderful Parents on your blog.
    I wish you a beautiful life ahead and a very beautiful Father’s day.

    Your friend from India,

    • ellaherself says:

      My dear friend Navjot, I am overwhelmed by your respond. Really. Thanks so much for the compliments on my Dad. He was a great man; I pretty much didn’t understand many of his actions or words when I was much younger, but now I see that everything was for the best and that they were true. I will be forever grateful God chose him to be my Dad, just like I am grateful to find such wonderful and caring souls in you and Sukriti. Take care and be blessed my dear friends :)

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