A Kindred Spirit

There are children’s literature and young adult books that I am glad I read when I wasn’t a child anymore. FCB books, The Book Thief, I Am The Messenger, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Inkheart trilogy. I don’t think I would have enjoyed them as much if I read them as a 12 year-old. My young mind would probably not have understood the messages.

Well, except maybe for the Inkheart trilogy in the list. I do wish my young mind captured that fantastical world early on.

Anywhozers, one of such books is Ella Enchanted (© 2004).

I don’t remember what made me buy this book. But, I read it before the movie came out.

Ella Enchanted is a refreshing reboot of the Cinderella story. The title certainly lives up to its charm.

Can you imagine having to always do what you’re told? Without…

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