Happy Birthday, David!


My one and only turned 36 today.

How time flies.

Earlier today, I tweet random things about him and me…

Him: extrovert. Me: introvert.

Him: Star Wars. Me: Lord of the Rings.

Him: forgetful. Me: historian.

Him: Asian cuisine. Me: European cuisine.

Him: too much like Mum. Me: way too much like Dad.

Then he replied, “Whoa, you got everything right so far! Hahaha!” But of course! I could go on forever with this…but, better stop.

We came from the same parents, same grandparents, same great-grandparents, but our characters are far from alike. Well, we do have common interests in being silly and perpetually tease people. But, other than that, we are so unlike each other – as you can see from that “him and me” tweets. But I do love that, it makes our family complete. We are enriched by each other because we’re different.

I thank God for my brother. Like his one and only sister, he’s not perfect. But I love him terribly and wouldn’t trade him for anything…unless Peter Jackson ask me to turn him in an asylum for me to get a part in “The Silmarillion”. Oh, of course I wouldn’t do that.

So, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVID! I love you to the moon and back!

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” – Philippians 1:3 / New International Version (NIV)



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