My Journey Continues To Be Unexpected


“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” [TH:DOS]

I waited 1 year for this movie and unlike last year, I stood in line on the very day the movie came out, which was yesterday (December 13). I was first in line and was also the first person to get TH:DOS ticket.



When they announced to those who already had TH:DOS tickets to enter the studio, I couldn’t believe it was time for “The Hobbit” again and I was so excited like a child in a toy store, and entering Studio 2 felt like I was entering Middle-earth once more.

And so the second journey began.

The movie started in Bree with Peter Jackson (PJ) and his daughter Katie as cameos. From that very second until the end, I was TOTALLY MESMERIZED. I was back in Middle-earth; it felt surreal and yet at home. The movie, cast, script, music, everything was perfect – except that love triangle between Legolas-Tauriel-Kili. Not sure if that was a good idea. But overall, the movie was AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT!!!!! PJ and his team has done it again!

Loved seeing more Elves and Elvish being spoken in this movie and to finally see Mirkwood – oh my! Thranduil was sophisticatedly cruel, Legolas had more grit (finally!!!) and surprisingly Tauriel was kinda cool. Enjoyed every bit of Legolas-Tauriel fights with the Orcs.





Don’t think I’ve forgotten the barrels scene – that was AWESOME! Loved it!!!



Bard and Laketown were stunning. Beorn was absolutely a sight to see. But Smaug, goodness gracious, it was like the dragon just came out of the book and decided to stay in the movie instead! PJ and his team did a SUPERB job on Smaug! And that voice – Benedict Cumberbatch IS Smaug. I remember being terrified the whole time when Smaug was on the screen; I didn’t blink, eat or drink because of all the tense. And that voice.




I believe my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped to the floor when the hidden passage to Erebor was revealed, let alone opened!!! I waited many years since I read the book plus I waited 1 year since “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” and then there it was…the secret door…and then when Thorin first entered through that door, I cried. Not of sadness, but of feeling that the Dwarves were home again and yet they still have to fight Smaug to retake Erebor.


No doubt seeing Gandalf and Radagast was always a pleasure, but the feeling was totally opposite when I saw Azog and especially Sauron. Dol Guldur and the Tombs of the High Fells were completely creepy, which means PJ and his team has nailed it again.


All in all, I love all the details in everything. Of course you can’t expect the movie is exactly the same as the book, but I believe PJ and his team has done their utmost best and I also believe Tolkien would be proud; you try making movies of such epic, amazingly written books!  I thought I knew everything because I have read the book and that nothing would surprise me. I was wrong. My journey with “The Hobbit” continues to be unexpected.




Can’t wait for “There and Back Again”!

(And still hoping for “The Silmarillion” somewhere in 2015…)

PS: I am STILL besotted by New Zealand! Still and always will, I believe!



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